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Type-C cable

500P Horizontal twisted pair machine



Suitable for high frequency cables such as HDMI, DP, USB3.0/3.1, data cables, electronic core wires twisted pair, multi stranded and synchronous tape wrapping.

B.【Structure of Equipment】:

2+1 active wire laying + wrapped head (double head) + 500 horizontal cantilever single strander.

C.【Technique Feature】:

High sensitivity active wire laying, digital tension controller stable and adjustable, high speed, production efficiency is twice that of vertical tape wrapping and winding tension maintaining constant tension from empty to full, mechanical winding distance, acceleration and deceleration, and constant winding distance during normal operation. The winding position adopts a shaft row structure, and the winding distance can be set arbitrarily. The tape wrapping can be completed synchronously, and high-frequency wires such as HDMI and DP can be produced, with a qualification rate of 100%.

D.【Technique specifications】:

Machinery typeTF-500P or TF-400P
Application High frequency cables such as HDMI, DP, USB, CAT-7, data cables, electronic core wires twisted pair and multi stranded
Applicable OD AWG20-AWG32
Stranded OD MAX 4.0mm
Strand pitch 15-60mm
Fastest speed 1000r/min
Pay-off 400-500 ABS
Take-up 400-500 ABS
Pay-off power 1/2HP AC gear motor with variable frequency speed regulation
Take-up power 380V, 50HZ, 5HP AC motor with variable frequency speed regulation
Pay=off tension Linear slide rail+slider heavy hammer type, mechanical arm+slider mobile type, equipped with online tension detection display
Take-up tension Electromagnetic tension, automatic tracking, and constant take-up tension from full to empty without manual adjustment
Wrap tensionConstant tension electromagnetic brake wheel, automatic tension tracker, the tension of the wrapping belt remains constant from full to empty, without manual adjustment
Cable arrangement device Axis winding, with no push/pull damage during the wire arrangement process, and the spacing of the arrangement can be arbitrarily set according to the wire specifications

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