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Type-C cable

50+35# Chemical foaming extruder


TF-Ф50+35 Chemical Foam extruder

Equipment Configuration and Technical Specifications

A.Equipment Usage

This equipment is suitable for producing various types of foam wires and cables, as well as low loss cables such as communication transmission lines, such as HDMI, IEEE1394, DVI, ATA, UL2919, etc. It has the characteristics of good extrusion gelation, high efficiency, stable foam, and high degree of automation.

B. Main specifications

1. Manufacturing line type: Used for various types of foam wires, cables, communication transmission lines, and other low loss cables.

2. Extruded materials: Suitable for insulation materials such as FM-PE, PE, PP, PVC, SR-PVC, etc.

3. Conductor diameter: 0.35-2.0mm. (The size of the wire diameter needs to be equipped with corresponding molds)

4. Suitable wire diameter: Ф0.8mm~ Ф3.0mm.

5. Maximum wire speed: 0-500m/min (wire speed depends on wire diameter).

6. Center height: 1000mm.

7. Power supply: 380V+10% 50HZ three-phase five wire system.

8. Operation direction: Host (from to operation).

9. Machine color: Overall appearance: Apple green; Bright blue.

C. Main components:

1. Active pay-off rack: one set

2. Swing arm tension frame: one set

3. Straightening table: one set

4. Fully automatic copper wire preheater: one set

5. 50 # chemical foaming host (dryer, suction machine): one set

6. 35 # vertical injection molding machine: one set

7. PLC computer-based control system: one

8. Mobile sink and fixed sink: one set

9. Laser diameter measuring instrument: one set

10. Electrostatic capacity tester: one set

11. Closed double wheel extractor: one set

12. Tension storage rack: one set

13. Electronic meter counter: one set

14. High frequency spark testing machine: one set

15. Dual axis take-up machine: one set

16. Random spare parts and operation and maintenance instructions: one set

17. Complete machine coating: one set

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