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Untwisting Pair

Unwinding twisting machine


Suitable for winding and unwinding insulated core wires of various high-frequency data communication cables, it is an essential equipment for producing Cat5e, 6, and 7 data cables. This machine is usually used to remove twisted pair units when paired with TF-500P or TF-630.

B.【Structure of Equipment:

Double disc release and release mechanism, release tension detection frame, wire reel lifting mechanism, electric control box, etc.

C.Technical Features:

1. Accurate control of wire tension, constant wire tension, and high production efficiency.

2. The adjustment of the unwinding rate is convenient, and the unwinding speed automatically tracks the changes in the winch speed.

3. The double disc untwisted bow is made of high-strength carbon fiber material, which is durable and durable.

D.Technical specifications:

Machinery typeTF-500P untwisting machine TF-500P twisted pair machine
Spool sizeφ 500mm * 300mm* φ 56mm φ 500mm * 300mm* φ 56mm
tension Swing arm tension Magnetic particle tension
Pay-off OD Max 2.0mm Max 2.0mm
Stranded OD Max 4.0mm Max 4.0mm
Pitch range Max 50% untwist rate5-40mm (changing gears)
Speed Max 1000RPM Max 2200RPM
Linear velocity Max 120m/min Max 120m/min
Cable arrangement -Bearing type cable arrangement, adjustable spacing and amplitude
Power AC 3.75KW+0.75KW AC 3.7KW
Bobbin lifting1HP Reduction motorHydraulic lifting
Braking Internal and external broken wire electromagnetic brake Internal and external broken wire electromagnetic brake

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