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Untwisting Pair

Horizontal unwinding machine

1. Model: axial horizontal untwisted wire release

2. Applicable spool size: 630mm * 475 * 56, compatible with 500 * 300 * 56mm

3. Design reverse torque speed: max400RPM

4. Reverse torque drive motor: 1.5kw Siemens AC motor+frequency converter

5. Tension adjustment: 2.5GK magnetic powder clutch control tension size

6. Proportional linkage control device, used in conjunction with a single winch

7. Retraction rate: 5-100%

8. The pay-off tension is suitable for insulated wire cores below 6 square meters

9. The guide wheel adopts a U-shaped guide wheel, made of aluminum alloy and sprayed with porcelain treatment

10. Tension display: tension Voltmeter display

11. The pay-off rack is equipped with a safety net, and the protective door is equipped with a travel switch. Even if the equipment stops suddenly, the pay-off remains tight.

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