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Untwisting Pair

High speed twisting machine


This machine is suitable for stranding Category 5 and Category 6 cables, with a working wire diameter range of core wireФ0.75mm-Ф1.5mm, with a lay distance of 4.42mm to 41.62mm, using bearing type cable arrangement and adjustable lay distance. The main power motor uses a 5HP imported motor and a frequency converter, with a maximum rotation speed of 2200RPM. The brake adopts electromagnetic braking.

B.Technical specifications:

Machinery typeTF-500 dual axis active amplifier TF-500PTF-630P
Spool sizeφ500*300*φ56mm φ500*300*φ56mm φ500*300*φ56mm
tension Tension pendulum Magnetic powder clutch tension control Magnetic powder clutch tension control
Pay-off OD Max 2.5mm Max 2.0mm Max 2.5mm
Stranded OD - Max 4.0mm Max5.0mm
Pitch range - 30-150mm (changing gears) 10-25mm (changing gears)
Speed - Max 2200RPM Max 1800RPM
Cable arrangement -Bearing type cable arrangement, adjustable spacing and amplitude
Power 3HP 7.5HP 10HP
Bobbin lifting- Hydraulic lifting Hydraulic lifting
Braking Internal and external broken wire electromagnetic brake

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